Macnaughty Bulldogs is located outside of Brookings, SD .  All of our bulldogs are AKC registered and majority have champions in their lines.  We are a couple that raises our bulldogs inside our home and are our family.  We have no outdoor kennel, just a fenced in yard. We have a few litters throughout the year, but how many varies from year to year.  We do NOT have litters year round.  Future puppy owners are allowed to come to our home AFTER the puppies receive their  vaccinations, usually around 6-8 weeks.  Puppies are provided a neopar vaccine, multi (5 way) vaccine, wormed, vet checked, microchip, health guarantee, food to get you started,  and puppy pack. 

​​Bulldogs make great family and companion pets.  They are full of personality, they are clowns, and are dogs that crave human attention.  Bulldogs are inside dogs and do not do well in extreme temperatures.  We encourage anyone looking to bring a bulldog into their family to research the breed first, they are not your standard dogs, they require a lot of care and attention.  Many who have owned a bulldog know they are a unique, addicting breed.  Most who have owned or own a bulldog, know they can never go without one. 

Join our facebook page for updates and if you like to see bulldog pictures and videos.  We post often as our dogs are our pretty much our life!  We are continually working to improve and to produce puppies we can be proud of in looks, temperament, and health.  ​​
Macnaughty Bulldogs  South Dakota    
macnaughtybulldogs@yahoo.com or tonyandjodi@macnaughtybulldogs.com
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Males and Females each have their own page.  Under home contains payment options, links and resources, plus other additional information.  Under Available puppies is the puppy contract and application.  

AKC English Bulldogs
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Update 4/28/16.  1 female puppy available on puppies page.  
Next possible unconfirmed litter will be July and ready in Sept. 2016. ​