This is a copy of the sale contract you will receive. Please read it over before you purchase your bulldog. This is a legal and binding contract you are signing. Legal action can be taken if not fulfilled.    NO bulldog will be sent home without a signed contract!  Purchaser MUST be at least 18 years of age. 

This is a legal and binding contract you are signing. Legal action can be taken if not fulfilled. This is made to insure our adults are going to good pet homes that can provide proper care and attention to them. EVERY PAGE BE INITIALED in bottom right had corner, as well as initials required where requested to ensure you have read entire contract.
If you do not like the limitations we place, don't buy a bulldog from us. Our goal is to find what we feel is the best home for our bulldogs. If this contract is not followed and our policies are not fulfilled, a fine of $10,000 will be applied if we have to go to court to enforce this contract. Any dog sold by us is sold from our premises and if we have to go to small claims court, you will be required to attend small claims court in our county. This would be jursidition in Brookings County of South Dakota. Fine is due to the expenses to enforce our contract, time, and buyer dishonesty. If court is not needed and you return the dog and all papers signed back over to us at your expense due to breach of contract, then no fine will be given. Therefore, by signing this contact, you ARE AGREEING to pay this fine if litigation has to be taken against you. You are also agreeing to lose all ownership rights to the dog. INITIAL ________

The dogs are sold to the approved homes ONLY. You CANNOT resell dog purchased from us, dog MUST be offered back to us first with ALL original papers. This includes all papers that may have been provided: AKC registration, pedigree, microchip information, health records, ect. Paypal fees, shipping costs, and any other fees you incur will NOT be refunded. If we are unable to take the dog, the home the dog is sold to MUST BE APPROVED BY US, we will hold full ownership rights if you give up your ownership of the dog sold to you by Macnaughty Bulldogs (Jodi Vetter and/or Anthony Konop). Therefore, if have someone else purchase a dog for you to get it, we will legally take the dog back with full ownership, you ARE NOT an approved home. Approved purchaser on this contract agrees to all requirements contained in this contract, and therefore agrees dog is for them and lives in the purchaser's home, nowhere else. INITIAL________
If for any reason the dog does not work out for you and must be returned to Macnaughty Bulldogs. These are the refunds we offer:
• FULL refund within 72 hours if your vet finds any life altering issues with the dog not stated on contract. This 72 hours will also cover if you just do not think the dog will work out in your home at all. Dog must be returned to our home within this 72 hours of leaving our premises for refund to be valid.
• 4-28 days within time of leaving our home. $100 rehoming fee will apply. For example, if do was sold for $500, $400 would be refunded.
• 29-39 days within time of leaving our home, $200 rehoming fee will apply.
• 40-60 days within time of leaving our home. $300 rehoming fee will apply.
- After 60 days we will offer back $100 flat fee if under 4 years of age; over 4 years of age no refund is offfered.  ​

THESE REFUNDS ARE ONLY VALID FOR DOGS THAT ARE RETURNED AS THEY WERE SOLD. NO refund will be offered to buyers of dogs that have been malnourished, injured in any way, contracted a disease while gone, or have come in contact with any contagious skin or coat conditions such as but not limited to: ring worm, mange, mites, and fleas. Any signs of neglect or abuse will also not come with any refund.

All of our adult dogs that leave will be vet checked with a standard physical evaluation. Adults DO NOT COME WITH a health guarantee.
Any known issues when sold will be stated and written on the contract. You cannot get any sort of compensation for issues stated. Adult dogs DO NOT come with a health guarantee. No additional compensation is offered for temperament issues, you are buying an adult dog and agreeing that you know how to properly manage dog behavior and have properly educated yourself on how to properly integrate a new dog into your home. You are allowed to come and see the dog at our home before buying. Macnaughty bulldogs is not responsible in any way for any injuries the dog may cause in possession of the buyers such as but not limited : the dog causing harm due to biting or dog getting into fight with another pet owned by buyer or anyone else’s pet the dog may come into contact with.
All expenses incurred by buyer after dog leaves our premises is sole responsibility of buyer. NO money will be refunded at all for any expense. This includes but is not limited to:
• Transportation and expenses to return dog.
• Any vet care provided.
• Any supplies bought for care of dog.
• Any damage the dog may cause to people, animals, or property.
If any dog dies within 28 days of leaving our premises, a cause of death must be provided to us by a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of death.

Purchaser agrees to keep the dog sold to them by Macnaughty Bulldogs current on all vet care including ALL shots, deworming, and heart worm treatment. Purchaser agrees to feed the dog premium dog food and not allow the dog to become obese or malnourished. Purchaser agrees to house the bulldog in their HOME, not a shed, garage or anything else. Purchaser must provide proper air conditioning in hot weather. The bulldog will not allowed outside for extended periods of time in extreme weather conditions that can do harm to the bulldog. Purchaser will not allow bulldog to run loose around neighborhood or be a public nuisance. If your bulldog from Macnaughty bulldogs is shown to be neglected and not properly cared for Macnaughty Bulldogs reserves the right to repossess the dog with no refund given. In the event that your dog requires vet care for any reason and vet care is not provided, which most times will lead to further complications, Macnaughty bulldogs reserves the right to repossess the dog with no refund given. Not providing your dog with proper care is unacceptable under all circumstances.


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Buyer phone number(s)_____________________________________
Buyer valid physical address (street/ ave. city, state, and zip code _________________________________________________________
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