From time to time we do find it best to rehome some of our bulldogs.  This is not due to them be unwanted in anyway.  It is a reality that has to be faced when breeding that we just cannot keep them all.  Any known issues will be shared, health or attitude.  Some dogs do better in homes with fewer dogs and some love having all the "friends".   When we do rehome our dogs our goal is to find the best home we can that is a proper fit for the dog.  We want them to go to family homes that will hopefully be their forever homes.  

Taking in an adult IS a big responsibility.  Their adjustment is very important.  This means in the first few months not to be having any other big changes that makes them uncomfortable.  This also involves you as an owner to actually know something about dogs, the english bulldog breed, and to have a proper understanding of dogs and their behaviors.  I want people who can commit to a dog and be patient to them adjusting.  Making other big changes and trying to send them to stay other houses (friends, relatives, ect) is not a good idea at first at all.  ​​​​I have taken in some as adults and have had no problems.   Of course, I understand their is an adjustment period,  usually the 1st stage of getting comfortable and getting to the the rules ect.  takes about a week or two.  For their true personality to come out and become more playful and goofy it usually takes a little longer (given you give them attention and do stuff with them).  Adults make great pets for many, but need a good family to make it really work!

Majority of our adults for sale will be sold fixed.  From time to time there will be one offered unaltered with full breeding rights, but not very often. Those sold with breeding rights will be to very select homes.  No large breeders or kennels, family type (in the HOUSE) homes only.
​ All adults will be sold with a signed contract as well....if you are unable to keep them they must be returned to us at your expense if you do not live near us.  You will not be allowed to rehome one on your own. They are over 1 year of age and therefore come with no guarantee.  

None Available at this tme

Adults are vet checked and are over 1 year of age so are sold as is... no guarantee.  However, can be returned.  Refunds given vary on how long you had dog and condition they are returned in.  Any extensive testing requests can be done at your own expense. ​​  Contract is required, no one is allowed to rehome any of our adults.  Signed contract that they will be offered back to us first.  All leave utd on vaccinations. Application required.  We do strongly prefer homes with previous bulldog experience. 
(This is for retired / fixed dogs)

  Currently none available, but you can fill out the application if interested in one in future.
​Prices are based on our initial cost, quality, and age.   Most of the time we do not have adults available but time to time we do, generally $500-$1000.  If you are interested, fill out an application and we will contact you if there is one we feel may be a fit to your home.  You can also include a personal message to better describe the home you can provide and what you are looking for.  In general, most are females 3-5 years of age and house trained with a dog door.   Sometimes there are males as well, just not often.


Majority LEAVE SPAYED and utd on vaccinations which is included in the price.  We do NOT sell adult intact females or breeding dogs.