Macnaughty Bulldogs


PHONE: (605) 520-4954

PRIMARY EMAILs:  (You may want to use gmail email as this one works most times but I have not been receiving all mail... or try both)

FOR QUICKEST REPLY contact by phone.  It is a cell phone, so text message is completly fine. ​​

NOTE:  If you send an email or text asking for more information...PLEASE BE SPECIFIC on what you want to know. Almost all the information is on our website...we need to know what additional info you want.  If you have alot of questions, it is best and easier to just call. 
Also  ALL contact forms received that are not spam are replied to.  So if you are not getting a reply, check your junk mail or provide a valid address!​
**** If you are contacting to see if we have puppies available or on pricing***
We manage our own site so it is kept up to date.  Any available puppies are posted on the puppies page.  ​Possible litters will be on the planned breedings page.  Price for each individual puppy is not determine until they are 3-4 weeks old.  They are priced on an individual basis and varies from litter to litter based on pedigree, parents, color, quality ect.  Some start at $1950 limited akc and others can start at $2500.