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1. We DO keep our website and facebook page updated to see when new puppies are available.  Majority of photos are on the FACEBOOK page- Macnaughty Bulldogs.   Puppies are sold on a first come first serve basis to approved homes when puppies are made "available". To get on the list, fill out our puppy application (a side menu of available pups).  Puppies generally are not available till they are 3-6 weeks of age.   We do sometimes keep puppies back and not all are available.  Most puppies are offered at limited AKC / pet only pricing and full AKC pricing but NOT all.  Some may be only offered pet and some only full, that is not decided till we make them available, and full highly depends on the home.  Preference is given to pet homes and in home breeders that have a good reputation, don't lie to us on their app., and practice good moral practice only. Limited AKC bulldogs are now required to have a spay / neuter deposit that is refundable. 

2​​​  Application must be approved before you can put down a deposit. No one is fully approved based on application only.  We do require phone contact as well and  may run a criminal background check if we choose. 

3. A $500 NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold a puppy of your choice.    Deposits are only accepted after puppies are made available and deposits must be for a particular puppy.  Part of your deposit may go towards a background check, so if you feel you cannot pass one, do not apply.  Your deposit MINUS the cost of the background check will be returned and sale of puppy to your home denied.  Some minor things may be dismissed and some not.  If this may be of a concern to you, call and ask. 

4. Before sending deposit, call and make sure puppy is available.      If you are sending a deposit by mail, only 3 mailing days are given to hold a puppy.  If you are sending money by mail, put a TRACKING number on it in case it gets lost! We accept postal money order or check if sending by mail, which MUST BE A MINIMUM  of 2 weeks BEFORE THEY LEAVE due to fraud.    Bank wire transfers are also accepted.  If making final payment when you receive puppy CASH IS THE ONLY FORM OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED.   THERE HAS BEEN WAY TOO MUCH FRAUD TO ACCEPT ANY OTHER FORM WITHOUT A FEW WEEKS CLEARANCE.  PAY PAL IS NOT ACCEPTED.  Paypal does NOT cover live animals.  

5.  All puppies must be paid in full before leaving my home.  No puppies will be sent to new homes without being paid for.  Full payment is due by 10 weeks of age (puppies are normally ready at 9 weeks).    

6.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  No puppies will be sent to new homes without phone contact, we do not sell puppies by email only.​​​​

7.  Arrangements can be made on weekends to come see / pick out a puppy. 

Steps to Get a Puppy
Live too far away to pick up puppy? Options we can consider are meeting you at the Sioux Falls, SD airport.  Ground transport is possible with approved shipper.  We will not send our puppies to be on the road for 5+ days however and will not be responsible for puppy after they leave our home. Pick up in person or air shipping  as carry on (not cargo) is really the best way to ensure your puppies safety. Next possible option would be to meet part way with a fee for gas and time to meet on a weekend. 
We do NOT offer payment plans.  Responsible adults are fully capable of setting aside money every month to pay for something they want and waiting till they can properly afford to care a family pet. Pets cost money for life, it is not just their upfront cost.  Please take that into serious consideration.