Macnaughty Bulldogs


November 20, 2006 - May 12, 2013
Mac was our first male bulldog.  He truly made us fall in love with the bulldog breed.  Mac was always a happy, active bulldog, then one day out of nowhere suffered a heart attack.  There aren't words to describe the happiness and love Mac gave us and the sadness his passing brought.   He was a the most entertaining dog, best friend, and really was our child.  

He was the kind of dog that stole your heart.  Loved to be the center of attention and made sure you knew he had to be the center of attention.  Wow, we really miss every little thing this guy did, he had a personality like no other.  Even the naughty things he did, we miss and loved about him.  Mac really loved to get a rise out the the other dogs, that was just Mac, he wanted all to know he was the best.  He would never turn down a good wrestling game with any of them. He had the soul of a puppy till the end.  Just a big showboat.  Yet so loving a big cuddler.  You could never stay mad at him of course, even when he got in trouble, he made sure to make a fun game out of everything.  He loved to play, and playing one of his favorite games is what he was doing just before he passed.  That was playing ball in the yard, but not fetch, he did everything he could to really entice you to chase him for the ball, he loved it.  ​He was so fun, I could never turn down that game, I enjoyed the game with him. There are so many stories and memories to tell of Mac....they go through our heads all the time.  We think of him all the time, and he was so involved in seems everything brings up a memory of Mac.  He will always hold a big spot in our hearts.  We will always love and miss him.  We couldn't have asked for a better best friend.