Macnaughty Bulldogs Puppy Application

Legal First and Last Name:

Phone number:


Current City and State  (Note we do not currently offer shipping.):​​

Puppy or Adult you are applying for (if you have a specific bulldog or litter in mind please state):​​

1. Have you done any research on bulldogs prior to deciding to get one? Why do you want a dog of this breed?  

2. Who will this puppy be for and who will be the primary caregiver? 

3. Please indicate what type of dwelling you live in (e.g. single home, townhouse, apartment). Is your yard fenced? If so, please describe the enclosure (height of fence, material / construction, and so on). 

4. Do you own or rent your home?  If renting, to you have landlord's permission to own a dog that will likely be 50+ lbs?  What is your landlord's phone number?​​

​5.  Where will the puppy spend the daytime hours?  Where will the puppy spend the night?  

6.  Will someone be at home with the puppy during the day?  If not, what arrangements will be made to feed and exercise the puppy?  

7.  Do you have a swimming pool?  If so, is it fenced?

8. On average, how many hours will the puppy be left alone everyday?  Where will he/she stay when left alone/

9.  Do you  have children living in the household​​​​​​​​?  If so, what ages are they?

10.  Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?

11. Have you ever owned a dog?  If so, what breed(s)?  What happened to the dog(s) you previously owned?

12.  Have you ever bred a dog and/ or raised a litter of puppies?

13. Have you ever turned in an animal to a shelter or rescue?

14.  Describe any other animals in your household. This includes ALL animals owned by anyone in your household or on your property outdoors, in a barn, kennel, anything (NOT just what you claim as yours and separate others in your household as not yours). (Species?  Size? Age? Sex?  Spayed or neutered?)

15.  Have the other animals in your household been around a puppy or dog?  Is so, how did they react?

 16.  What do you consider to be the ideal activity level of the dog you hope to own?

17. What do you consider to be the ideal personality of the dog you hope to own?

18.  What gender of dog do you want?  Why?

19.  Are you prepared to make a commitment to this dog for its entire life? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

20. Have you seriously thought out and know you will have time and finances to care for a puppy/dog?

21. Do you understand that majority of dogs will need vet care beyond the standard checkups and have problems from time to time that you will be financially responsible for?

22. Have you read and understand the contract?

23. Do you plan on purchasing a puppy as a pet only or with breeding rights?
-If with breeding rights, what do you know about breeding bulldogs? Do you currently breed or have bred in the past?
-If yes, what breeds of dogs do you breed or have bred? Do you have a website (what is it)?

24. Do you understand limited registration is not to be used for breeding and are required to be spayed or neutered?

25. Do you understand deposits are nonrefundable and are placed on a particular puppy and applies towards the price of the puppy?  We do not take deposits before a litter is born.  If for any reason you are unable to or decide not to take the puppy you put a deposit on, it can be applied to a future litter.  However, we do not "reward" people for this practice, so you will only be given 3rd pic, of "available puppies".  If not enough puppies are born, you will have to wait longer.  Do you understand?

26. Name and number of your veterinarian?

27. Any questions or comments for us?

28. Do you understand that if you get full registration, we do not allow you to breed until female reaches at least 16 months of age? (only answer if you plan on full registration/breeding rights).  Please read our contract in full, there are other breeding terms you will be agreeing to as well. They are all things we ourselves do follow. 

***References may be requested for "pet only" puppies and adults as well.​​  

NOTE: We do not sell to large kennels, puppymills, or brokers. No exceptions.
Everyone interested in purchasing a puppy are required to fill out this puppy application. If any answers are found to be answered dishonestly/ falsely, we reserve the right to NOT sell you a puppy or return any deposit. This application is also used for any adults we may have available. Please complete ALL questions unless they do not apply to you. This application is not only for us, but also for future owners to seriously take some of these questions into consideration when deciding to bring a puppy or dog into their home. If you do not wish to be checked into, then best not to try getting a bulldog from us. 

Copy and paste form by highlighting it with your mouse, right click on mouse to copy, and then paste it in your email. Then email it to us at
Fill out questions in your email.​ If you have trouble doing this, we can always email it you, just let us know.

We will save your application in our email, however, after 2 months time, you will need to send an email to just confirm you are still interested and not found another puppy.  We do not need an application for litters several months out to keep track of.    ​​You can view or planned breedings page for possible upcoming litters in a 4-6 month timeframe. I have just found that 90% after a little bit of time get a puppy in that timeframe if we have no puppies. 

NOTE: I always confirm if an application is received.  Normally within 1-2 days (I check at least one time a day normally) but sometimes maybe 3-4 days so if you receive no response, it means we did NOT receive it. ​​