Macnaughty Bulldog’s Stud Contract
*Macnaughty Bulldogs and/or stud owner in this contract is Anthony Konop and Jodi Vetter.
*Dam owner or customer in this contract_____________________________________.


Stud Owner(s)________________________________________________________
Stud Name:
Stud AKC registration #
Stud Fee:
Dam’s Registered Name:________________________________________________

Dam’s Registry & Registration #_________________________________________

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Macnaughty Bulldog’s warrants that the stud dog listed above will be the only dog used for collection for use with the dam listed above. Macnaughty Bulldog’s also warrants their stud is in good, sound health to their knowledge. Stud owner will take proper precautions to chill semen with canine semen extender and properly package and chill the semen to be sent in a Styrofoam cooler. Semen will not be collected until day of shipment. Semen is guaranteed to arrive live and motile. If semen is deemed unusable by a veterinarian, Macnaughty Bulldogs must be notified that same day so arrangements can be made to send out another shipment. Depending on time, same day or following day. If timing is believed to be too late to inseminate the next day, a refund will be provided of the stud fee only, not the shipping. For live and motile semen guarantee to be valid, dam owner’s must not inseminate the bitch and veterinarian must provide documentation that semen was unusable.
Up to 3 shipments will be allowed in a stud service. All shipments are paid for by dam owner. All shipments must be paid in advance and payment cleared or shipment will not be made. First shipment includes shipping box and semen extender in stud fee. If additional shipments are needed, dam owner pays for additional boxes (approx. $30). Two vials of semen will be provided in each shipment. If stud service is done locally, stud owners are willing to meet at vet office within 20 miles of their home for insemination up to 3 times. In the case of fresh AI done locally, dam owner is responsible for all collection and AI fees.
All payments are nonrefundable except for reasons stated in the contract. Any deposits placed to hold a stud service are nonrefundable.
Females we breed to must be a minimum 18 months of age at time of breeding and no older than 5 years of age. Pictures of female and pedigree must be provided. Females must be approved and have full AKC registration. You would need to let us know in advance when your female is likely to go into heat, so we can plan it out.
We guarantee 2 live puppies at birth. If pregnancy does not result from insemination first time around or only 1 live puppy is born, we offer a second breeding. Dam owner(s) pay all shipping and shipping supply fees in the case of a repeat breed. Vet verification by ultrasound or x-ray must be provided if your female does not take. If only one puppy was born, vet records from c-section must be provided as well. You will be required to progesterone test your female the second time around if a repeat breeding is needed. After repeat breeding is provided, our stud contract is considered fulfilled. We are not responsible for improper timing or infertility.
Additional details:
• If only one puppy is born live or no puppies are born, a repeat breeding will be offered to same female or another approved female. Dam owner has to pay all shipping related fees.
• If any puppies in the litter have any defects or known health issues, this information must be disclosed to stud owners. If any puppies are born with any defects or health issues, stud owner(s) are not responsible. Dam owner(s) take full responsibility of their litter.
• All puppies are dam owner(s) responsibility to provide proper care to. All puppies are sold by the dam owner and are under their own health guarantees / contracts. Furthermore, dam owner(s) have rights to sell their puppies as they see fit, full or limited AKC.
• In the case where a repeat breed is owed to a stud and a death of the stud were to occur before a repeat breed could be performed. Dam owner will have these options: (1) Choose one of our other available studs of equal or lesser stud fee value to breed to. If a stud is wanted with a higher fee, the difference can be paid. (2) If another stud is not wanted to be used, dam owner (s) can take a 50% refund of the stud fee paid. Any additional fees such as shipping, supplies, or collection and AI are nonrefundable. Only a 50% refund would be offered due to the fact a prior stud service / semen was provided.

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