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Experienced Breeders

We had our first litter in March 2008.    Our dogs are raised in our home.  Macnaughty Bulldogs' studs of age are both genetic and OFA health tested.  Our females are genetic health tested and produced here by us with the exception of 1 co owned female.  My goal is to heath test Ofa every girl too, but comes with time due to the very high expense of breeding bulldogs.  We will test as we can.  Breeding and proper raising of puppies is NOT cheap.  We don't cut corners to raise our  babies. Our goal is to offer top quality bulldogs, and raise them in an environment where they have a "real home" in our house with toys, beds, and we keep and take care of many our dogs till the end.   We are always learning more and strive to improve.  Located in SW Minnesota, just outside Balation, MN.  


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A Furever Friend

Bulldogs make great pets.  They are a companion breed where most are full of personality.